We distill our own fruit brandies with fruit and berries grown exclusively on Dressel’s Farm in New Paltz and Gardiner. Starting with fresh seasonal harvests, we press each type of fruit in a different way to maximize our access to its sugar. We then allow nature to work for us by employing a wild fermentation process that includes NO additives, just fruit and wild yeast. After 3-12 weeks all the sugar has been converted and we distill off the alcohol in a direct fire, alembic brandy still. Once we have captured all the alcohol, we redistill and expertly separate the highest quality ethanol while retaining some of the most delicate flavors of the original fruit. Once we have taken out the “heart” of the batch, we take our sweet time in lowering the proof from 140 to 84, sometimes taking up to a full year to introduce the water to the spirit. Once the distiller is happy with the product, it will either make its way to our Farm Bar for sales in cocktails or by the bottle. Some of the lucky spirit goes into barrels for long term maturation to a fine aged brandy. The spirit speaks for itself, so come listen.

Gardiner is an extraordinary place filled with extraordinary farms, nature preserves, craft producers, exciting activities, and delicious libations. Come have a taste.